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Take Comfort

When someone dies and leaves you, it's only for a while.

You will definitely see them again and their old familiar smile.

It's no enormous secret, concerning love and good-byes.

It's never, ever, permanent. You’re bonded by spiritual ties.

Your loved ones have moved forward. They'll be mourned and truly missed.

They have journeyed to another place, where love and peace exist.

Returned to family and friends, welcomed with heavenly light,

Fond memories flood back, ones known before earthly flight.

They are commended for their courage, choosing the physical to learn and teach,

Respected for the goals they set, whether missed or whether reached.

After the celebration, time is set aside to reflect.

Their higher selves soak in the peace, as they rest and reconnect.

Meanwhile, up in the sky, the stars still sparkle and shine.

You plead, hope, and beg that your loved ones will show you a sign.

A sign that they've passed safely, a message that they’re OK;

Something to help you with your grief and get you through the day.

If it's within the laws of God, and connecting won't interfere,

One day that sign will come. It may be fuzzy or very clear.

It may come to you in a dream, a sight, or the sound of a bell.

You'll know it's from your loved one when your emotions start to swell.

Don't begin to right it off as a mere coincidence.

Be open to the gift at hand and soon it will all make sense.

If you haven't received a sign, and you'd like one to come your way,

It's never too late to ask. It's never too late to pray.

As your loved ones think and rest, deciding what to do,

They may choose to move ahead or stay and wait for you.

Which ever choice they make, they will always be close by,

Offering up what help they can when they hear your call or cry.

In ways you've never imagined, your futures will reunite.

God won't keep you apart. He assures, “It will be all right.”

- Lisa Murphy Taylor © 1996

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