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The following authors have helped to inspire my poetry:

A Boring Evening at Home-Gerda Weissmann Klein

A Promise is a Promise-Wayne W. Dyer

Anatomy of the Spirit-Caroline Myss

Backwards-Nanci L. Danison

Embraced by the Light-Betty J. Eadie

Far Journeys-Bob Monroe

Hello from Heaven-Bill and Judy Guggenheim

Journey Out of the Body-Bob Monroe

Love Without End-Glenda Green

Manifesting Michelangelo-Joseph Pierce Farrell

Psycho-Pictography-Vernon Howard

Saved by the Light-Dannion Brinkley

Ultimate Journey-Bob Monroe

Whispers of the Spirit-Ann Albers

Women’s Bodies Women’s Wisdom-Christiane Northrup

Your Best Life Now-Joel Osteen

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