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True Patience

Oh how the time flies when we're having fun.

The party’s come to an end when it feels like it’s just begun.

When we are in pain, it seems like time barely moves at all.

It just seems to stand still like it’s blocked by a great big wall.

Isn’t it curious how our perceptions color time’s pace?

When we're feeling good, we want the tortoise to win the race.

When we’re feeling bad and the pain is too much to bear,

We yell and wave our banners while we cheer for the speedy hare.

It’s very, very hard when the pain seems to last so long.

Months can turn into years and you wonder what went wrong.

Why all this misery? What’s this lesson just all about?

When I feel my spirit get sad, I cry and take “time out”.

I try and remember God’s smile when I handed Him my classload.

I try and recall how proud He was when He saw I chose a highroad.

He blessed me with His light and advise only I could unlock.

One day, I discovered the key in me as I gazed upon a clock.

“Time doesn’t really exist. It’s just a necessary illusion,

One invented by man, to reduce earthly confusion.”

Compared to eternity, this lifetime’s a blink of an eye.

If given the chance to evolve at “warp speed”, would you pass it by?

Now you know the secret. You can beat time at its game.

Whatever the lesson you’re working on, the seconds all tick the same.

Change your perceptions and the pain will take you far.

Reframe your idea of “time” and discover who you are.

A very special soul, fiercely courageous and truly brave --

One the angels watch over, directed by God to guide and save.

Would you take the chance? Would you give it your best try?

A chance to move closer to God? I thought so. So would I.

-Lisa Murphy Taylor © 1996

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