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Well Beyond

Bless them with Your love. Bless every inch from head to toe.

Release them from the suffering and pain they have come to know.

Heal their body. Heal their heart. Heal their mind and heal their soul.

Restore their faith and wholeness that their heartache replaced and stole.

“Special child, cherished child, your load is much. Your load is more.

Give it ALL to Me and help to teach what My love is for.”

Show your sisters. Show your brothers what our love can heal and do.

Let your strength light the way for others as your love comes shining through.

I bless you with My love. I bless every inch from head to toe.

I release you from the suffering and pain you have come to know.

“I bless you with My love. I bless every bit from outside in.

You are loved well beyond this time on earth, as you have always been.”

- Lisa Murphy Taylor © 2019

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