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In partnership with Love Stems

Love Stems uses poetry along with crafts and art to help others feel comforted, supported, and loved. Each individual Love Stem usually consists of a hand-crafted flower of which its wire stem is inserted into a tightly rolled sheet of paper. The paper has a tab attached to it that unravels the paper “stem” when pulled. This reveals a hidden message. Discover love and support in your own message of comfort, hope, and encouragement shared in a Love Stem.

Love Stems is hoping to receive funding as a Humanitarian Project from the St. Rodriguez or St. Germain Trusts through NESARA/GESARA.

We intend to continue to donate Love Stems when and where we can.

Thank You!

Anne Huddleston - Love Stems Logo Design - Anne Carole Designs

Thank you to the Explainer Viz team for their work on this video!

Danielle DeCesaris-Media Director


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