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Dear Ones

Dear ones, I’m safe at home now,

My suffering forever past.

I know your hearts are heavy,

But hold my memory fast.


I’ve crossed the veil of sorrow.

My soul has taken flight.

I’ve reached the Heavenly Portals,

And everything’s all right.


Your love was sweet and tender,

Your caring so sublime.

You’ve helped me make the entry

To my home with God Divine.


Don’t grieve.  Don’t fret or worry.

I’m safe with God at last.

Come meet me when your journey

On earth for you is past.



-Wilma E. Hitt, © 1998

The Rose Perfumes Our Way

There's a lily in your valley

And a rose that blooms for you

Tho the storm clouds thickly gather

There's a rainbow soon to view

And the lily blooms to cheer you

And the rose perfumes the air

As it's crushed it grows the sweeter

Like Sharon's Rose-so pure and rare


In the valley there are shadows

Where the light is blocked from view

And the billows roll like thunder

Clouds Be-Dim the skies of blue

But beyond the clouds and shadows

Which we face most every day

The sun still shines, the lily blooms

And the rose perfumes our way



-Wilma E. Hitt, © 2005

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