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Seeds We Plant

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

It’s our intentions that we plant. Intentions are the seeds

That take root within our lives, budding flowers or sprouting weeds.

Intentions of the heart are what is honored and what grows.

It’s negative intentions that cause the lack and block the flows.

Intentions of the heart are what is honored and what grows.

It’s positive intentions that bear the fruit and bloom the rose.

We harvest what we plant. We set in motion what we feel.

Nurture good intentions and change intentions that don’t appeal.

Sometimes we are affected by what others have put in the ground.

Only our OWN intentions can we change and turn around.

Begin with your own intentions. Begin with a change of heart

With intentions that offer forgiveness, a compassionate place to start.

- Lisa Murphy Taylor © 2018


Green, Glenda. Love Without End: Jesus Speaks. Spirits, 2009.

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