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Healing is Feeling

Updated: Nov 27, 2023


Healing is feeling emotions that have been pushed down and away.

                Emotions to feel eventually.  Just not now.  Not today.


“Not today” turns into years, then something BIG shows up to say:

                “Follow my lead.  I love you.  Yes…. it’s hard but this is the way.”


“This is the way to your safe and SURPRISE!  I am the key!

                We’ll unlock your safe together and we’ll set those emotions free.”


Healing is feeling emotions.  Choosing love instead of fear.

                Healing at the root with the help of love through every tear.


Emotions are felt and released, then something BIG shouts “Good as gold.”

                No longer needed to guide, as forgiveness and healing take hold.


More power can shine through you because now you have reached the place

                Where more love can be lived and shared.  More contentment, peace, and grace.


                                                 Lisa Murphy Taylor, © 2023


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