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Divine Response

Once you make that commitment, once you’re no longer afraid,

It’s best to buckle your seatbelt for the changes to be made.

Changes will happen immediately, some great and others small.

Heaven and Earth will move for you once you have answered the call.

You will be shown the way. Your work will be led and guided.

Whatever you need to succeed will eagerly be provided.

Whatever is holding you back will quickly be released.

Anything interfering will be expediently ceased.

Some changes will come as a shock. Others will be expected.

Some changes will fill your heart while others may leave you dejected.

A lot of it won’t be easy. You’ll need time to adjust and grieve

For “non-authentic” relationships that were firmly asked to leave.

Once you make that commitment, moving forward for spirits sake,

The sky above will open, and the ground below will quake.

Bless your situation when your Earth and your Heaven shift.

Know it is for the greater good and be open to the gift.

- Lisa Murphy Taylor © 2002, 2019

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