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"Blessed Are The Simple (Poor) In Spirit"

Those that live in simplicity are blessed beyond compare.

No complicated structures of the mind to obey and bear.

Is the key to seeing Heaven and the key to seeing God’s face.

There is fulfillment in simplicity that brings your heart’s content.

Great happiness is given. It is yours and Heaven sent.

One spirit of God that blesses. Plain and simple. Just believe.

A spiritual life fulfilled needs only love and simplicity;

No hierarchies or protocols from human authority.

Honoring the one spirit from the simplicity of your own place;

Is the key to seeing Heaven and the key to seeing God’s face.

You do not need approval from anyone or anything;

Always worthy and enough, where you are, for God’s blessing.

“For theirs is the kingdom of Heaven.” Keep it simple and receive.

One spirit where all belong. Plain and simple. Just believe.

-Lisa Murphy Taylor, © 2020

Inspiration: Green, Glenda. Love Without End: Jesus Speaks. Spirits, 2009.

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