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"Blessed Are The Moderate (Meek)"

When you live in moderation, you are in balance. You are whole.

There is fulfillment. There is blessing when love is in control.

With moderation, there is balance, and enough to go around.

No one hoards. No one starves. God’s love and unity abound.

“For they shall inherit the earth.” What you give, you will receive.

What you share will multiply. Become aware and perceive.

Moderation is relative and, at times, in fluctuation.

It differs with each person and with every situation.

When you live in moderation, you can lend a helping hand.

There is fulfillment. There is blessing when love is in command.

With moderation there is wholeness. No one has to go without.

Enough to give, enough to share, it is what joy is all about.

“For they shall inherit the earth.” Moderation is well-being.

A soul in balance is whole and happy, wisdom for the seeing.

-Lisa Murphy Taylor, © 2020

Inspiration: Green, Glenda. Love Without End: Jesus Speaks. Spirits, 2009.

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