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A Better Life

A better life awaits you. It’s time to say goodbye

To that same old broken record playing, “Give it one more try.”

There really is a limit. No more - enough’s enough.

“How long will you be shackled to the same old harmful stuff?”

A better life awaits you. It’s time to end this ride.

You’re too close to turn back now. Gods’ love is on your side.

It’s taken you a while, but I think you finally see -

This cycle must be broken for your spirit to be free.

A better life awaits you. It’s time for a new way.

Believe in what your gut says. It all will be okay.

Move on. You must let go. This road is a dead end -

Too many cracks and potholes, too many to defend.

No matter how you say it, the message remains clear:

“End that which you must and watch your dreams start to appear.”

- Lisa Murphy Taylor © 2003

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