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Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Remember to play in your play. Act with a heart that is light.

Remind yourself it’s a drama you wrote. “Places.” Enter stage right.

Life is a play and a safety net. You cannot falter or fail.

Good actors convince themselves it’s real under the curtain veil.

Play with a meta-awareness that your acting will earn applause.

So good is your acting in life that you forget you are the cause.

Forgiveness and letting go. There’s no fault and no one to blame.

Your thoughts and beliefs write your script. You cast them and gave them fame.

Bring unconditional love to everything you create.

Never lament or judge. There’s only growth to appreciate.

Remember to play in your play as you embrace, trust and allow.

Remind yourself love transcends all things, then smile and take a bow.

-Lisa Murphy Taylor © 2022

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