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Trust God

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

Anxiety and panic result from fear one cannot define,

When the conscious and unconscious don’t connect and misalign.

A conditioned response to not trusting that all is well and good;

Fear from not accepting that things will work out as they should.

Fear of “what ifs” then take over when one is unaware;

Too close to see things clearly, forgetting God is there.

Practice observing yourself without judgement, impartially;

Exposing the ego mind, bringing awareness and clarity.

Simply bringing awareness usually diminishes fear.

When we deny the false self judgement, then our true selves can appear.

Pull back and observe yourself, without judgement, from afar,

Allowing your true self to lead, revealing the love that you are.

Our true selves are not afraid and know there is nothing to lose.

Calm and at peace with “what is”, they know only God to choose.

- Lisa Murphy Taylor © 2017

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