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Give To Us

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Give to us Your healings, Your forgiveness, and Your protection.

Help us see that truth will always lead in Your direction.

We give to You our hope and our intention to be kind.

We vow to help each other so no one is left behind.

Give to us Your wisdom and Your guidance to stay on course.

Help us manifest miracles as we learn that love’s the source.

We give to You our faith and our commitment to persevere.

We promise to keep going when our path’s not always clear.

Give to us Your blessings. Bless us healthy and bless us whole.

Help us release our illusions and the structure in control.

We give to You our gratitude. Thank You for everything.

All the lessons, all the love, that this life does share and bring.

- Lisa Murphy Taylor © 2019

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