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To Trust A Rainbow (Love)

There’s one thing we all need more of, and that’s belief in the unknown.

The universe is working for us, even if it can’t be shown.

Our lives are like rainbows. We must trust as we embark,

Believing in the colors, whether light or whether dark.

If we see it or if we don’t, we must have faith in ROY-G-BIV,

For it influences our behavior and affects the way we live.

Love is helping us greatly, though working behind the scenes,

Even if we don’t understand its methods or its means.

Love is holding your hand, though you may not feel its touch.

Love is standing beside you, because Love loves you very much.

If you can make it through the storm, to the end of the rainbow, I’m told,

The reward will be much greater than any pot of gold.

Hold this in your thoughts when some days get you down;

Then open up your heart and let faith come back around.

-Lisa Murphy Taylor, © 1996

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