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Precious Stone

I promise you’ll get through this. I’m giving you my word.

This will not last forever. I know your prayers are heard.

The beginning has begun and an end is soon in sight.

It’s the middle part that needs to know that everything’s all right.

Relax all that you can and watch your fears start to decrease.

In the middle of your pain lies a pearl of love and peace.

I promise you’ll recover; a healing you shall know.

This will not last forever. One day your pain will go.

You do not have to try so hard. Let faith pick up the slack.

A soul burdened with worry will only hold you back.

Wake up to your perfection and the grandeur that it draws.

In the middle of your “rough” lies a diamond with no flaws.

I promise this shall pass. I know you need a break.

This will not last forever. Much longer this won’t take.

It’s not an easy journey over which you can prevail,

But with all the love around you there’s no way that you will fail.

Let unquestioning belief into your life when you fall,

In the middle of your ruby heart, the middle of it all.

I promise that God loves you and you do not cry alone;

Sacred tears eroding layers from a brilliant precious stone.

- Lisa Murphy Taylor © 1997

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