Remedies for the Spirit  
What Is Poemeopathy?

The name, 'Poemeopathy' (poh-mee-OPP-uh-thee), is a play on the word, 'homeopathy', which involves remedies for the physical body. Poemeopathy is a collection of short, rhyming, easy to understand poem remedies meant to comfort and support the spirit. The poems are intended to tap into the reader's own sense of hope and familiar awareness.

Poemeopathy is in partnership with Love Stems. Love Stems is currently undergoing the process of becoming a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit.

Love Stems uses poetry along with crafts to help others feel comforted, supported, and loved. Each individual Love Stem usually consists of a hand-crafted flower of which its wire stem is inserted into a tightly rolled sheet of paper. The paper has a tab attached to it that unravels the paper “stem” when pulled. This reveals a hidden message. Discover love and support in your own message of comfort, hope, and encouragement shared in a Love Stem. Please visit us on Facebook, Instagram, or at www.etsy.com/shop/LoveStemsTM.

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Please feel free to print out any desired poem for personal use but not for profit. Thank you.

Please check back as my intention is to post new poems on a regular basis.







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